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Girls Hostel Horror Story | bhayanak horror story in english

 It was my First Day in Hostel My Room Partner Name was Mariyam Mariyam Belongs to a Rich Family 

That's Why She has a lot of Pride She Decorated Hostel Room With a lot of Expensive Items And She Mentioned.

His Name Only in Our Conversation And i Didn't ask anything about her also The Hostel Was Well Maintained My Admission was based on scholarship it's 11'O Clock Maybe Mariyam Was Listening English Songs on  earphones Because After Few Moments She sings English words It Was My First experience as living in hostel  in my life that's why i am little bit scared and feel uncomfortable to Get Some Refreshmet 

I Started reading the book and i don't know when i fall a sleep i was in deep sleep then suddenly i heard a loud sound of breaking a glass and i woke up i move a side and looked at the mariyam but she was sleeping i thought that was my Illusion so i try to sleep again 

but afte few minutes i heard the same sound of breaking glass i got scared and wokeup again mariyam sleeping in opposite position so i can't saw her face i understood she is trying to scare me I Called Her Name and yold Her Mariyam i know you are trying to scare me but she didn't respond and stay same i already guessed these things happens to me in the hostel because same kind of jokes and mischievous happens with my  friends staying in other hostels i thought that pretend to act like sleeping When i Will hear sound than open my eyes suddenly Cauhgt maryam red handed After 10 Minutes i Heard Same Sound I opend my eyes at the moment and look at the mariyam but she was still sleeping in same position from  long time I realized the actual matter it's not Mariyam I stood up and try to search for broken pieces of glasses Then I Came Outside And try to search everywhere but i didn't found a single piece I m really  Nervous And Scared i thought i came from bathroom i step foot slowly in the bathroom with high i feel really scared When i came near the Mirror of Bathroom  the same voice came from the mirror This Time  I Scared like Hell The Sounds became Louder and Heared after everry few moments my blood almost feezing my viens I ran away to call Mariyam But when i saw her face I Start Screaming Her Face is Full of Blood And She is Dead I almost got Heart Attack but to save my life i ran toward outside When i came outside i am almost passed away Due to fear i can't Control my breath Then i Saw a Mask Man Holding Big knife in Corridor.

 I got feared an start running He also Follow me too his breathing sounds like Animal breath He Attacked me twice First attack was a close one still it didn't hurt me But Second Time My Arm Get Hurt and injured I Ran More Faster and Fall down The Next Moment Scene Was Completely  Changed And Mariyam was awaking me Aleena !Wake up Its Time For Class Come on Get Up Only 20 Mints Remainig 

I hug Mariyam And Started Cryingg And Told The Whole Story Of Dream Mariyam Started Laughin On myself i also think it was maybe my illusion But When I Saw My Injured Arm I realized its not just a Dream Then I Decided Its My First and  Last Day In The Hostel 

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bhayanak horror story in english


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