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Horror Story Of Beautiful Girl | Horror Stories | English

  Always Anil Enjoying the View of Moon light with his wife and they started talking about the Full Moon Nights 

Then Anil Said I ll Share the Amazing story and my own memory of Full moon night The Most amazing thing happened with me it's almost 10 years ago before sharing my memory

 i have one condition you won't say a word between that because i feel strange effects in moon beams today it make me remember that again and again She Said : ok i promise i won't say a word unfortunately his wife agree on his point very early maybe its the effects of moonbeams or she want to hear the story Anil telling the Story its a long time ago

 We camp near the Solitude Area On One Side There is a Beatiful Blue Lake Other Side We Have Mysterious Mountains way The Rumors about these mountains they are Haunted

 The Rumors are the area  is full of witches and souls and Once The creatures who stay there also kill the peoples of near villages But a Yogi Made some spiritual border in 40 days and prison all the creatures in that Area And All Near Villages and Areas are Safe Now 

But i like the peaceful view of these mountains that's why i always go to view these mountains but my Servant Ramu Don't like that He Always Said That Area is Very Dangerous Sir For God Sake Don't Go There

 I Said i just go there in Moon nights Because i like the view of these Beautiful Mountains And i Also have a Mala ( Religious Protection Locket ) 

Then Ramu Said Sir In Full Moon Nights  Those Creatures Got too much powers due to moonbeams They feel thirsty in moon nights Specially On Thursday Full Moon

 There are some speciall kind of souls sorround there for haunting and some wait for 10 years Only few came back alive from there The Creatures Area Started From The Hut of a beggar Those who go after that won't came back alive 

i didn't pay attention on anything what ramu said but when i hear the same stories from local residentials i got interested in that Area i always go there That's Thursday and Full Moon Night The Beautiful Moon was Shining on the Sky

 The Surrounding Area Gives the Gorgeous View i just want to go to visit the Area but Suddenly i remembered all things i got fear for few seconds 

but then i thought why i am believing on that stupid imaginations Then i forgot everything and started walking to way of mountains 

The Surrounding Area giving the beautiful and outstaning views that's why i covered a very long distance in The day we can saw few peoples and animals maybe But in night 

i didn't see anyone here it looks like no man land and i also didn't saw any animal in night too

 i came very far from the camp When i was enjoying the view i saw the hut maybe it was the same hut ramu told me about that i started walking toward it the hut look very old it seems no one live there but suddenly i got shocked

 when i heard some sounds i feel someone is in the hut i stoped ther and hut was dark from inside suddenly a girl came from the hut and started crying Save me Please Save me ! help me they killed my family First i got scared and

 i remembered all the stories but that was a normal girl and asking for help i skipped that stupid thoughts and asked her who are you and what are you doing here ? 

Who killed your family ? She cried and said We are just passing this Area and Some bandits attacked on us and they killed my family 

i run from them and hide here i go to check with her i saw some dead bodies She is true After watching them she started crying Again

 She was a very beautiful Girl I visited too much places from world war 2 but i never saw a beautiful Girl Like That She Look like and Angel

 i started walking with her toward the near village to call the police but we just reached some few steps 

i got shocked because i have her hand And that hand started changing Now i was Surprised after watching that Girl started transforming in to a deadly creature 

I ran Away after watching that but i Saw that Girl Everywhere but she can't came close too me in that look maybe this is the effect of mala was given by a pandit for protection 

She Didn't came near me i am in hight fear that time i suddenly droped and lose the consciousness 

when i woke I saw its daytime and my Servant ramu awaking me He Said Sir what are you doing here ? i searched for you all night i got astonished i told him the whole matter in few words Then We also saw that hut too but we didn't found any girl or not a single dead body Anil Stop talking after telling the story of his life His Wife Said : Oh 

Today is also Thursday and Full Moon Night that's why you remembered All of this Anil Said : yes But that happens in that area After 1 month later of that i found you and did you remember you always asking why i am so tensed those days that's the reason behind that in those days and still i can't forgot that After that Anil Go to Sleep After few moments 

Anil hear some strange sound the view make his astonished His wife was standing in front of him and started transforming into a girl like that day Same like the girl on that day she Finally transformed into a deadly face She Said I completed The Curse Now i can drink your Blood i just waited for 10 years for this moment 

After that she Grabbed anil Anil try a lot to run or  free him but he can't even barrely move himself

 The last scene he remembered or felt He felt The  sharpen teeth on his neck When he woke up he saw doctor and Ramu 

They Said a deadly cat was drinking your blood your servant ramu Killed that cat After hearing that Anil was surprised and He ask Where is my Wife ?

 Doctor Said  : She is not well after saw that she stay at home that's why Your Condition is still not ok yet So don't think too much about that But After discharged from hospital that Anil Know the Truth that his wife also missing from the same night         


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